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What Are Track Hubs?

Track hubs are web-accessible directories of genomic data that can be viewed on the UCSC Genome Browser (please note that hosting hub files on HTTP tends to work even better than FTP and local hubs can be displayed on GBiB).

How to get your Track Hubs on to the web-acessible directories?

 Please Contact:

 Please ensure paths are correct in the

   hub.txt and genomes.txt for each data folder

 i.e.  for LoLa Hub it has:


 genome mm10
 trackDb /data/LoLa/mm10/trackDb.txt
 metaTab /data/LoLa/mm10/meta.txt


 shortLabel LoLa Data
 longLabel LoLa ChIP and DNaseI Data - Goode et al. Dev Cell 2006
 genomesFile /data/LoLa/genomes.txt

Adding Track Hubs


UCSC EURO hub connect


 add hub URL:


 this is the test hub



 for Example: LoLa uses

Using UCSC Genome Browser Track Hubs

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